About Us

Our business was started because there was no really tasty meals out there that people could eat with out all the junk - sugar, thickeners and preservatives.

The first batch of spices was made so people who were time poor or ill could grab 1kg of meat, a pantry item and whatever veggies they had in the cupboard. That is why 

there is a tinned product in each recipe. Chickpeas, lentils , tomatoes or coconut milk.

Pumpkin is used as a sweeter and thickener to make up the sauce component of the meal. The nutrient level is high and air-sterilised spices are used which means there is no trace of mould or parasites. 

Each spice mix and recipe has been designed to suit even the fussiest of palettes which means there is no chilli included. If you want to heat any of the dishes up simply season to taste.

What makes our spices different from others

Quite simply time -  spices are vacuum sealed within 30 minutes of grinding them to maintain the freshness and essential oil of the spices used. Once vacuum sealed they last for years. This process also makes it easier for the home cook as your preparation time is reduced. 

Garlic or ground onion powder and notincluded in any of our spice mixes as many people are allergic. Again, feel free to add garlic to suit your familie's taste.

Spices have been combined that compliment each other like turmeric and black pepper- this delivers the highest level of benefit out of the tumeric. Ingredients are also added for their inflammation benefits to the body.